I didn’t wait for proof, I wasn’t comfortable from before: Iqra on dropping project with Feroze

Last month, Iqra Aziz issued a statement retracting her involvement in the upcoming drama, Sanwal Yaar Piya, starring Imran Ashraf Awan and Feroze Khan, to stand in solidarity with victims of domestic abuse. After much queries about her decision, the actor has finally opened up about what propelled her into taking the step in a recent appearance on The Talk Talk Show.

Upon being asked if her judgment was premature and whether she should have waited for a court verdict, the Suno Chanda actor clarified that she backed off from the serial for own satisfaction because she felt it was the right thing to do. She also asserted that she did “not feel comfortable working with him [Feroze].”

“For me, this was a personal decision and I did what I thought was right and what I wanted to do and is right for me. So, I took a decision and I wasn’t comfortable working with him so I said no,” shared Aziz. The actor also disclosed that she did not wait for any “evidence or proof” because she did not feel “comfortable” since before the news of Khan’s alleged abuse against his ex-wife came out. “I was not waiting for any evidence or proof because even before that there was a span of time we worked together and I wasn’t comfortable, so I said no to it,” she added.

The Qurban actor went on to emphasise that everyone has a right to say yes or no to any project. “I think we are living in an era where irrespective of the gender or profession, one can’t be compelled into doing something they’re not comfortable doing. Everyone has the right to say no.” Although not everyone has the privilege to but that’s a topic for another day.

Moving on, when the interviewer asked her if her take would be any different if the allegations are proven to be false. “I think we have to wait for that time then,” replied Aziz. “We can only decide that then, we can’t decide before time thinking what if this happens, just based on assumptions,” added the Jhooti actor.

After more questions were asked, Aziz simply dismissed the matter.

On being a working mother

Iqra Aziz recently talked about the challenges new moms face after returning to work from a maternity break and acknowledged that she might not have it as hard as others.

“It’s very difficult but I have a few privileges. My mom lives with us and Yasir’s sister lives with us. So, for Kabir’s care, there is a grandmother and aunt present at home,” Aziz commented. “I think because of my family, I am at peace while on set. I know if Kabir is not with me, he’s with his grandmother. This is something I know women struggle with a lot, sending their kids to daycare or going to their mom’s house to drop them off, so this is a great thing for me.”

But aside from the comfort provided by her family, she gave herself credit for managing mother duties and work, calling it the “greatest achievement” of her life. “I am proud of myself for being a working mom, who takes her married life and career side by side, manages it quite well and survives,” she said.

On working with husband

While speaking of her relationship with her husband Yasir Hussain, Aziz highlighted that working with him on the sets of Ek Thi Laila was “quite difficult” as Hussain is “extremely straightforward with his work” and does not view her as a big actor but a fellow employee.

She also shared how the whole experience was great but scary due to Hussain’s high expectations of her, since he is a former theatre actor. “It scared me at first, because the script was changed, and the character was changed too. Yasir being a theatre actor, their mindsets are very different than drama actors. Because there aren’t any cuts on stage, so he’s extremely proper about learning the dialogues and everything. I think I did well and paved through this test,” reflected Aziz.

She went on to commend Hussain’s direction. “He’s a great director and there are so many good things about him, I can’t help it. I’m glad he found a new phase in life because he is very good at it.”

On international projects

Aziz also assured she’d be open to do international projects if opportunity arises. She remarked, “I would want to go for international projects. Of course, if the project is good, then why not? If you have a decent character, a good margin, and going to the platform will give you global recognition, so yes.”

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