Imran Abbas remembers late parents in heartbreaking post

Imran Abbas remembered his late parents on their death anniversary in a social media post as the actor is still reeling from the loss.

Losing parents is an extremely painful experience for anyone; this time Imran Abbas remembered both his father and mother with a heartbreaking post.

Imran’s father passed away in mid-December 2019 while he lost his mother last year on December 15.

Sharing his suffering in a social media post, Imran recalled the day, saying it took away his life, his happiness, his everything. “The day which changed the meanings of life for me for good. No one can peep inside me and see the hollowness, this echo of emptiness. I am dead from within no matter how cheerful i appear,” he wrote.

He lamented that no one can hear this screaming loneliness that is piercing his brain, saying this pain is eating him like a termite every passing moment, and mentioned that he will never be the same person again, no matter how much he’ll try.

Expressing his grief in words, the actor said he don’t feel like coming back to his empty house. “I am standing alone in a thin space .it seems as if you are alive in me”.

“Please remember my parents in your prayers,” he concluded.

Imran is a prominent actor who first appeared in Umrao Jaan Ada and rose to fame with Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

Some of his notable works include Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, and Koi Chand Rakh. He entered Bollywood with Vikram Bhatt’s Creature 3D opposite Bipasha Basu and later appeared in Jaanisaar.

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