Is this Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah waiting in queue at Canada’s driving licence center?

Politicians and public office holders are usually not used to stand in a queue to buy a ticket, or to get any other service as VIPs are powerful enough to be exempted from bypassing the normal routine in Pakistan.

As ministers and bureaucrats move around, convoy of vehicles follow them, and when they arrive in public offices, the premises were deserted under security clearance, however that is not the case with a recent incident.

A video and some clicks were doing rounds on internet showing Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah standing in queue with a lady. The authenticity of the clip remains unknown while the man spotted at the driving licence shares uncanny resemblance with Sindh Chief Minister and PPP leader.

The 60-year-old was seen donning a black jacket with blue denim at driving licence located in Kitchener – a Canadian city in southeastern Ontario.

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