Pakistani visa holders to take driving test in Australia from July 1

MELBOURNE (a1tv news)Drivers from Pakistan will face harsh regulations in Australia from July 1st as the New South Wales (NSW) government would require them to undergo driving license tests.

Currently, drivers on overseas license be that temporary or student visa holders used their foreign driver’s license despite accruing 13 demerit points over a three-year period but the fresh regulations would change the practice and would make it more difficult for rash drivers to continue driving. 

Under the new guidelines, temporary visa holders from Pakistan who have resided continuously in the NSW region for at least six months will have to sit for the same knowledge and practical driving tests as locals; drivers from India, China, and Nepal will also be affected under the new rules and would have to take the test and clear it for securing the driving license.

The regulations for drivers from Japan, Singapore, and Germany are bit relaxed who will be required to change their licenses but are not required to to take the exam. 

Moreover, the new rules dictate that if a driver with an overseas license exceeds the 13 demerit point allocation, they will no more be able to drive in Australia. Currently, they can continue to drive after finishing their disqualification period.

Australia is trying to improve its trnasport system with enhanced focus on citizens safety for the betterment of all and as per statistics, in New South Wales almost 120,000 of the 220,000 eligible visa holders would need to undergo driving tests.

The transportation system in New South Wales is managed by ‘Transport for NSW’ and the department’s role is to lead the development of a safe, efficient, integrated transport system. Australia attracts thousands of people from across the world from students to professionals and there has been an influx of internationals from countries like Pakistan as the country faces labour shortage. 

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