Pakistan’s journey is for peace, security and prosperity: Ambassador Masood Khan

Washington(a1tv news)Reiterating vision of the Founding Father of Pakistan, Ambassador Masood Khan today said that Pakistan’s journey is for peace, security and prosperity.
“We’ve had a long and arduous struggle since the creation of state. We are a resilient nation and it is our resolve to continue making strides towards crafting a bright future and destiny of the people of Pakistan,” he said.

Addressing a large gathering comprising dignitaries, ambassadors, diplomats, US government officials, foreign media representatives and Pakistani-American leaders, on the occasion of celebration of Pakistan Day here at Embassy of Pakistan Washington DC today, Ambassador Masood Khan paid a glowing tribute to the forefathers and Founder of the Nation for a ‘miraculous’ struggle in transforming vision of a separate homeland into reality.

“On this occasion, I want to send a message to people of Jammu and Kashmir and I hope that one day they will also be able to realize the right to self-determination. Our hearts go out to them,” he continued.
Ambassador Khan also thanked the Government and the people of United States for always standing beside the people of Pakistan since independence. He said that Pak-US relationship had been resilient and was based on principles of reciprocity and friendship.
“This is a lasting legacy for the people of Pakistan and the United States. We cherish it, and we will continue to nurture it,” he said.

Highlighting upwards trajectory of Pak-US relationship and the recent high-level engagements especially dialogues in energy and climate change, the Ambassador said that the road ahead for Pakistan-US relations was bright. “We will continue to work together to make this relationship more significant, more substantive and more beneficial for our people,” he continued.

Dr. Dafna Rand, Director of the Office of Foreign Assistance, speaking on behalf of US Secretary of State, conveyed greetings to Pakistani on national day. “We are here today to celebrate the long history of our relationship and our friendship. Last fall we celebrated 75 years of anniversary of our diplomatic relationship and looking back you see the strength of this relationship right here in the room,” she observed.

Highlighting close cooperative relationship between the two countries, Dr. Dafna recounted collaboration of the two countries especially during recent devastating floods in Pakistan, International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan held in Geneva and tackling the challenge of COVID pandemic.
“We want to strengthen climate smart agriculture and to assist all Pakistanis in making critical investments in areas such as economic growth and restoration of damaged infrastructure,” she said.
“Both of our Governments resolve to continuing deepening our alliances and to work together for Green Alliance,” Dr. Dafna continued.

“We will continue to work together. We will explore how we can most effectively bring the private sector in public diplomacy, technical cooperation, public private partnerships, export, import and trade. We will mobilize the whole US government to support this alliance,” she said.

Thanking United States for its assistance towards girls education and women empowerment, Masood Khan said that Pakistan attached the highest importance to the recognition and promotion of the education of girls and women in any part of that region and in any part of the globe.

He also paid glowing tributes to vibrant and dynamic Pakistani community in the United States for their valuable contributions toward socio-economic progress of both Pakistan and the United States. The Ambassador highlighted that 14 elected Pakistani-Americans were representing their constituencies in the United States. Paying tribute to leaders like Suleman Lalani, Farooq Mughal, Ali Rashid and others, the Ambassador said that the success of every Pakistani-American makes the nation proud.

“your success is our success. Your success is the success of Pakistan and the United States. You contribute to the strengthening of relations between our two nations,” he said.

The Ambassador also thanked US House of Representatives and State Assemblies for recognizing Pakistan Day and also acknowledging the contributions of Pakistani-American community.

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