PIA is increasing daily flights to Gilgit, northern areas: Here are the details on expansion plan

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced to expand its flight operations to the scenic northern areas of the country.

In a Twitter post on Monday, the national carrier announced that the flights to multiple locations in the northern part of the country would be increased.

The carrier revealed that soon there would be multiple flights to Gilgit every day. Not only that, the carrier also informed the travelers that soon they will be able to fly off for the picturesque spot from Lahore and Karachi as well.

As part of the expansion, PIA also informed the social media users that soon multiple flights each day would take off for Chitral from Karachi and Lahore as well.

Moreover, those planning to travel to Skardu should be delighted as multiple flights would take off for the city and Lahore and Karachi would also offer flights to the top spot crowded with visitors especially in summers.

The mercury in Pakistan is rising and with each passing day, visitor are making plans to cool off by visiting the holiday hotspots in the northern parts of the country where temperature drops to 10 degrees Centigrade even in summers.

The facility by Pakistan International Airlines is sure to attract thousands of people who used to faced two pronged problems i.e single flight each day and non availability of flights from other cities like Lahore and Karachi.

With the new expansion plan in place, the visitors would definitely have a sigh of relief. To keep yourself posted with the updates, visit the website of PIA. 

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