Preparations in full swing to celebrate 76th Independence Day

RAWALPINDI (A1TV NEWS) Preparations are in full swing to celebrate the 76th Independence Day with great zeal in the country.

A large number of stalls are being witnessed at the main avenues, markets and streets of all cities and towns of the country.

National flags, pin badges, green and white dresses, toys and other accessories have been put on display on the stalls.

The day would be celebrated all across the country with flag-hoisting ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks.

People are purchasing national flags, portraits of founding fathers, posters and banners as part of the celebration of Independence Day.

In Islamabad, main avenues have been decorated with flowers and lights. Different pictures have also been displayed depicting diverse cultures and prominent places of the country.

National flag would also be hoisted at all important public and private buildings.

National songs are being played to give the message that the whole nation is united.

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