Scorpion bites woman passenger mid-air in India

NEW DELHI(a1tv news) In a rare and horrible incident, a woman passenger was bitten by scorpion on an Air India flight.

The woman was onboard Air India’s Nagpur-Mumbai flight AI 630 when she faced the ordeal. When the crew came to know of the incident, they informed Mumbai Airport about the incident and to be ready with a doctor.  

Upon landing, the woman was examined by medical team at the airport but was then taken to the hospital for treatment; she was discharged after treatment. 

Air India has confirmed the incident that took place on April 23 adding that the passenger was administered treatment while the airline’s staff accompanied her and that she was out of danger.

An Air India spokesperson confirmed private media that there was an extremely rare and unfortunate incident involving a scorpion stinging a passenger.

Our officials accompanied the passenger to the hospital and offered all support to the passenger till discharge, the spokesperson added. 

“Our team followed the protocol and conducted a complete inspection of the aircraft and found the scorpion after which due fumigation process was carried out. We sincerely regret the agony and inconvenience caused to the passenger,” Air India said.

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