Sindh Cultural Day being celebrated today across Pakistan

KARACHI(a1tv news) The Sindh Culture Day is being celebrated today with zeal and zest across the province and in parts of the South Asian country.

Several seminars, rallies and events are being arranged to highlight the centuries-old culture of Sindh.

Sindhis celebrate the day on the first Sunday of December by wearing cultural dresses including Sindhi cap and Ajrak.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif congratulated the Sindhi people, saying the civilization of Sindh has been adding beauty not only to this region but also to the civilization of humanity for thousands of years.

Today is the day of the civilization and culture of Bab-e-Islam, Sindh and it highlights the beauty of a federal unit in Pakistan.

Foreign Minister and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto also shared his message on the occasion calling Sindhi Culture a beautiful amalgamation of local tradition and Islamic culture. He said world has recognised the culture is collective heritage of humanity.

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah said Sindhi promotes love and respect for other cultures besides beautiful colours of Ajrak and Topi.

US Consulate Karachi also wished Sindhi people on Cultural Day and shared a video message on official Twitter. “Sindh is a land of rich culture and history. The people of Sindh have created an inclusive and tolerant society. On this Sindh Cultural day, the United States wishes the people of Sindh & Pakistan peace & prosperity”, it said.

Former PM Imran Khan also celebrated the rich culture and traditions of Sindh, calling it land of the Sufis and freedom. The outspoken politician said Sindh will rise again against the tyrant to reclaim its greatness & freedom.

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