Tallest tree found in Asia stands at 335-feet!

An expedition by Peking University researchers has found the tallest known tree in the Asian region, and it’s about as long as a football soccer pitch

The group of scientists who found the new discovery said the exact species of tree is not clear, but it is likely to be a Himalayan cypress or a Tibetan cypress; it scales massive 335 feet, and nestles in a canyon in Tibet.

It is said to be the second tallest in the world, as per the available data, but there is no official word on it.

Several teams are on the hunt to record the tallest tree in Asia over the past year. Earlier this year, two other massive trees standing at 252ft, and 274ft were found in parts of the region, however the recent discovery etched past all previous records.

Interestingly, these gigantic trees nestled in a similar region of Nyingchi city; over two dozen trees are said to be over 200ft in height.

Most trees are capable of being taller than they actually and places like Nyingchi City allow for giant trees to grow massivelhy, providing them with suitable soil and ideal climate conditions.

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