Thousands take to streets in Lisbon demanding wage increases

LISBON: Thousands of citizens took to the streets of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, to demand an increase in wages, among other measures, aimed at addressing the escalating cost of living.

The demonstration was attended by a significant number of people who feel that their financial well-being is being adversely affected by the current economic climate.

The march, called by the CGTP, the country’s main trades union confederation, came a day after a national strike by civil servants in support of higher wages.

That action hit rubbish collection, schools and hospitals.

The CGTP wants the government to implement a package of anti-poverty measures including price controls on essential commodities and action to limit soaring rents and the cost of property loans.

Over 2022, inflation reached 7.4 percent, the highest level in 30 years.

CGTP General Secretary Isabel Camarinha told the crowd they wanted pay rises of at least 10 percent, above the rate of inflation, and nothing less than an increase of 100 euros ($108) for all workers.

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