VEDIO,Indian policewoman copies Pakistani sensation’s viral dance

Only if one’s living under a rock, would they not know or heard about the Pakistani sensation whose groovy dance moves to Lata Mangeshkar’s Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja at a wedding function spread like wildfire on the internet.

The girl named Ayesha has set a trend which was followed by millions of social media users and surprisingly by Madhuri Dixit and Katrina Kaif. As if the Bollywood divas weren’t enough to make Ayesha an overnight sensation, an Indian policewoman jumped on the bandwagon to showoff her stunning moves.

The Indian police official’s video, following the same protocol of the viral dance, has created a stir on the internet. More than 6 million people have watched this video so far.

According to India Times, the name of this police officer is Eksha Hangma Subba. She is a resident of Sikkim state.

In her viral video, Subba danced to the song while performing her duty in uniform at a beautiful mountain location. Subba posted this video on her Instagram account, and even performed the hook step of the song.

“No offence,” reads the caption of Subba’s Instagram post.

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