Travelling to UAE? Here’s fresh Pakistan Embassy’s advisory for visitors

DUBAI(A1TV NEWS) If you are one of the tourists heading to the United Arab Emirates and you belong to Pakistan, you must keep in mind that a new travel advisory has been issued and should be complied with.

According to the advisory issued on Tuesday, visitors have been issued to be vigilant about visa procedure well in time.

The embassy has informed its nationals coming to the UAE on visit visa and intending to travel to other country to obtain third country’s visa from Pakistan before departing for the UAE.

“If travelling to another country from the UAE, a visa must be obtained before departing Pakistan. Visas for third countries are issued to legal residents with valid Emirates Identity Cards holders only,” said the embassy in a social media post.

Thousands of Pakistanis travel to UAE every week and some of them apply for other country’s visa after landing in the emirate; however, the advisory has asked such nationals to obtain visa prior to their departure from Pakistan.

Pakistani nationals are the second largest expat diaspora in the Emirates with total population around 1.7 million. They are employed in sectors from hospitality to banking and financial services and have been a backbone of the emirate. 

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