Twitter erupts into memes as WhatsApp facing global outage

LONDON(A1TV NEWS)Top messaging platform WhatsApp has gone down in parts of the world and social media users revealed a sarcastic side of the event.

Masses first took to Twitter, initially trying to discover what had happened, and the confusion triggered humour. Social media users then started poking fun at Meta owner and tech pioneer Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatApp is among the top trends on microblogging platforms as people came up with their own hilarious reasons for the outage.

The massive outage hit once again in October as users are not receiving new messages, or able to send any on an instant texting platform.

As the WhatsApp outage makes headlines, a spokesperson of Meta said: “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

Here are some of the reactions:

(1) Whatsapp on Twitter: “WhatsApp headquarters right now😂 #WhatsApp” / Twitter

(1) stick 𓃵 on Twitter: “When #WhatsApp is down” / Twitter

(1) Whatsapp on Twitter: “WhatsApp users coming to #twitter be like #WhatsApp whatsapp” / Twitter

(1) Bella Ciao (Chai) on Twitter: “People Coming to Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down #WhatsappDown” / Twitter

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