WATCH: Bride’s cousin pulls off joota chupai ritual in Money Heist style

Desi weddings are all about food, dance, music and fun-filled traditions. One such is called joota chupai, wherein the bride’s sisters steal the groom’s shoes and only give them back if they get money in return.

But this one Pakistani wedding got a little too interesting when the bride asked her cousin to steal the shoes dressed up in a Money Heist costume.

The video was posted by the bride on her Instagram account and it garnered over two million views in just a few days. 

“Bella ciao to the joota. I didnt want anything to be simple on my shaddi! So me and my sister came up with the joota heist idea, told our brother to grab a money heist costume from Amazon and my cousin rehearsed the entire thing!” the bride, named Warda Sikander, wrote on Instagram. 

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The video was captioned as, “Joota chupai but make it more entertaining. Ft Joota heist.” 

The video shows the bride’s brother, dressed in overalls and the iconic Salvador Dali mask, running up to the stage and stealing the groom’s shoes. 

Later the cousin dances with other family members to the desi beat of Bella Ciao. The guests enjoyed the new way of carrying out a tradition and could be seen clicking pictures and making videos of the special moment. 

Social media users loved the idea and with many saying that the idea was unique and fun. 

”It looks so fun and a unique type of joota chupaye,” one of the users commented. 

“Totally loving the idea,” wrote another. 

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